What is private cloud? Advantages of private cloud

Cloud Computing Presentation
Cloud Computing Presentation

What is private cloud?

Private cloud is model of cloud computing in which cloud infrastructure is operated for a single organization and is dedicated to that organization. It can be described as

It offers various advantages over other cloud computing environments (public, hybrid etc). Some of the advantages of are :

  • Better security : 

    Private cloud provides dedicated resources which are operated separately from other resources you know where your servers are located, what type of physical, network, software security is in place to safeguard your servers and data.

  • Full utilization of resources :

    It allows you to have greater control over amount of resources you are operating. You can increase and decrease amount of resources according to your requirements which helps in significantly reducing operation costs of servers.

  • Greater control :

    As private cloud is dedicated to single organization, it will get greater control over management of resources and manage them according to their need.

  • Cost effectiveness : 

    As private cloud is generally operated by a third party, the responsibility of buying dedicated servers, their maintenance is of that party and the organization using it won’t have to deal with it. This generally results in directly reducing the cost of hosting your services.

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